Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Meltdown

Last night I heated my silver to well over 2000 degrees.  That's way beyond the melting point of .925 sterling silver and potentially damaging to the equipment. 

In return for my distraction, the kiln regurgitated 3 silver pebbles. 

Not what I was envisioning when I began my work on these three pieces, but beautiful, nevertheless, in their raw, more authentic form.  I found myself shocked at my lack of regret and in fact, the only feeling I could muster as I ran the pebbles through my fingers this morning, was a vague disappointment in spending so much time and effort fabricating the sheet silver into custom bezels and meticulously forming the pre-fire metal into what would have been elegant lotus blossom and maple seed designs...designs that admittedly, can be recreated, when I am ready to do so. 

The melting point of sterling silver is 1650 degrees Fahrenheit, and my own personal melting point I've discovered is at about the same temperature. I've always prided myself on being able to “hold it together”.  However, these past few years and ballooning within the past few months, I have had a series of experiences all rolled into a very minute time-frame, that I felt a heat beyond my personal melting point...a heat potentially damaging to my equipment.   It's effect on me can only be described as a “melt down".  And again, surprisingly, I have no regrets save a fleeting disappointment when I reflect on time and effort.

I have emerged a raw silver pebble.  I am starting over.  I am raw.   I am authentic.  I have been melted down into my original form...a perfectly imperfect silver pebble.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

I stepped out the door this morning to be fluttered and serenaded Cinderella-style by pretty little blue birds.  Love is in the air, and the inspiration for engagement themed rings with pretty faceted gems is amped up.  See more of my ethereal Engagement, Wedding, Stacking, and Symbolic Totem Rings HERE.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Honoring Mother Earth

Garden Goddess

Garden Goddess pictured at left is an interpretation of Mother Earth. The buddha-like goddess sits in her garden.  She nurtures and tends to the earth. 

The vibrancy of the blooming flowers and orange/pink coloring speaks of the vitality and energy of a grounded connection with our Mother Earth. 

See more of my Original Paintings and Reproductions at Etsy here.

See Mother Earth and Goddess themed jewelry on Etsy here.
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Red Jasper is known as an "earth stone" and "supreme nurturer".  It is a healing stone and known for it's earthy grounding energy. 

The leaf design pictured at right combines the nurturing energy of red jasper with the symbolism of the oak. 

Trees have long been a symbol of earth connection as their roots reach deep within the earth seeking nourishment.  Just as the mighty oak draws strength from the earth, we too, should take the time to walk barefoot upon the ground beneath us, and draw strength from the energy that rises from "Within". 

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See Tree and Leaf Jewelry on Etsy here.

Native Dancers Necklace

My Tribal Dancers Design Necklace features pipestone handcarved by Mokasiya.  Only a handful of designs are being created with this earthy and grounding stone which can bring spiritual routine into your life.

The symbolic dancing figures are mirrored on either side of the large one of a kind pipestone (catlinite) stone. The dancers are symbolic of joie d'vivre or ''joy of life'' with spiral, swirling detailing.

The overall shape at a distance looks like a spider which is symbolic of creation and creativity.  The Hopi Native American's myth is that of a spider woman as the creator of the world and as such, this pendant takes on the symbolism of this spider-goddess, Mother Earth.

Origins; Birthing Beauty.

Origins; Birthing Beauty has a creation and Mother Earth theme. This placid mother gives birth to the orchid flower in full bloom.  The sphere symbolizes the earth while the orchid is beauty and miracle. 

The child figures symbolize the human race, nurtured by the mother who has given them life.  This  goddess painting is full of blooming life, expression and beauty.

While the original painting is no longer available, you can find prints available here.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A New Life For Lolita

Lolita photography from
Bronze Dolphin Pendant
Until her release from captivity, profits from the sale of my Ocean-Life themed jewelry and art are donated to the Orca Network's mission in giving captive orca, Lolita, a new chance in life by retiring her to her native habitat of the pacific northwest, where her known family and probable mother are still alive...In addition, I have donated one of my bronze dolphin pendants to Chicago's Spring Fling For Lolita which you can bid on at the event. 

Dolphin rings with symbolic stones

To find out more about Lolita, visit and check out the FB event Spring Fling For Lolita being held in Chicago this May 2014. Please do what you can to spread awareness of Lolita's plight...she's spent a heartbreaking 30 years in a tank that is too small even by federal regulation!

See more about ocean life symbolism at

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stones and Symbols of Spring

stacie anthony painting
Green Goddess

The Color Green
Green is the color associated with the new growth of spring. 

Green Goddess is my charcoal & pastel painting with simplified leafy vining lines silhouetting a female form.  This Green Goddess embodies new life, green living, and spring growth and renewal.

"Living Green" clasping bracelet

"Living Green" Maple Seed Rings
Green Stones: Peridot

Peridot is bright yellow-green gemstone with a warm and friendly energy.  It is cleansing and stimulating to the heart and solar plexus chakras.  Peridot helps to regulate one's cycles: physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and life cycles.  It is a strengthening and regenerating tonic for the body.

My maple seed "wing" design is inspired by the flight and life-force of the maple seed. From it's first flight, the maple seed finds it's perfect place in the world to live and grow. Spread your wings and do the same.

Green Stones: Aventurine
Aventurine is a variety of quartz or feldspar which embodies the "pioneering" spirit, encouraging an adventurous lifestyle or attitude.  Aventurine enhances creativity while balancing the intellectual, emotional, physical, and auric bodies.

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Butterfly Symbolism
Butterflies are a fluttery spring symbol of transformation.  Their association with purity and innocence is indicative of "spring cleaning" and cleansing for the body and chakras, especially the upper chakras and states of enlightenment.

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Rainbows & Opal Symbolism
Rainbows are associated with spring rains and the optimism of a fresh new perspective. 

Opals are imbued with the power of the rainbow!  Throughout history they have been thought to represent luck, success, happiness and imagination. 

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Work in Progress: Phoenix Self Portrait

The Creative Juices are flowing as I work on finishing my latest painting. This piece is a phoenix theme in an 18 x 24 format. The Phoenix is the mythological fire bird and as a fire-sign myself, it became inevitable that the Phoenix would find her way into my work. 

The Phoenix appears in Persian, Iranian, Lebanese, Russian and Greek mythology, but is most associated with Chinese cosmology as an emblem of their empress.  The phoenix is an enormous winged bird that dwells immortally in the highest regions of heaven, visiting us on our plane of existence to forecast great events.  She is a symbol of Fire, Divinity, and Immortality.

This piece calls for a little more "fire" and then the finishing work to bring it to life, but I thought I would share this one in it's incomplete state of raw beauty in line and color. My impromptu photography does not do this piece justice in regard to the depth of color, but here it is, never-the-less.   

The large asymmetrical heart symbol is indicative of my Open Heart series of paintings which explore the intelligence of the heart.  Through the depth of our experience, we become more colorful and vibrant. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ocean Views!

On my recent trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, I took advantage of the opportunity to visit the San Diego Bay only a short 400 miles away. My beau and I flew in and out of San Diego and road-tripped out to the show and back.  What a fabulous trip including my first time on a sailboat, yikes!  As you can see by the sheer contentment clearly written in my smile, I took to it like, well, a fish takes to water.

The best part of the entire trip, besides the glistening gems at the show, of course, was the glistening ocean view and sunny San Diego weather - a duo sure to inspire blue-green reflections of ocean life!

The little green gems in this starfish design ring are aventurine, a gemstone you'll want on your next journey.  As the name suggests, it is a stone of "adventure".  It is known to bestow it's wearer with qualities of independence, perseverance, and leadership. 

The starfish is a symbol of many things, the main one being a star from the sky which fell into the sea.  In this way, the starfish is a totem for hopes and dreams.

The starfish also has feminine energy, as it represents the Virgin Mary. 

It is a celestial symbol, representing divine love.

Other symbolic meanings of these intriguing five fingered "sea stars" include guidance and inspiration, brilliance and intuition.

See more of my ring designs here.
View my starfish toe ring design here.'s Bride is the necklace at left.  It's coiled links and brilliant blue green paua shell speak of the underwater current. 

The paua shell is found off the coast of New Zealand, and the coils are handcrafted one-link-at-a-time. 

My "Sea Star" and double starfish pendants are available in both sterling and bronze, and can be created with or without gemstones. 

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Of course, no design book of "inspiration by sea" would be complete without the dolphin, a prevalent symbol in my work and important symbol for our world.

I believe the dolphin is a very important creature from which we can learn many life-lessons. 

They are an important symbol for world-peace, creating interspecies bonding/communication, fostering understanding. 

The dolphin is a symbol of optimism, community and communication.  It is also playfully symbolic of a free-spirited nature, as well as gentleness and graciousness.

Both lunar and solar symbolism are represented by this pure-hearted symbol. 

The Caribbean blue stone featured in the pendant above is Larimar, found in the Dominican Republic.  It is associated with the Throat chakra, aiding in communication. 

Larimar is also known to be born of volcanic activity, and is therefore, thought to balance and soothe the emotions.  It is also thought to teach respect, love, and nurturing...appropriately paired with the loving symbolism of the dolphin. 

My dolphin ring designs at left feature grey moonstone and blue/green labradorite.  Both stones are known for their surface sheen and mystical qualities. 

Moonstone is symbolic of the moon and divine feminine, whereas, Labradorite is known to contain solar and lunar energy as a "stone of destiny". 

My destiny has followed a curvy road and has led me to share the stones and symbols that aid me in my journey.  Where will destiny lead you, and what symbols will show you way?